Checklist For Turning 16

Turning 16 can be a very exciting time of your life. It’s one of the best times of your life when you get to enjoy a balance of the carefree life of childhood and a bit of the responsibility of adulthood. If you are turning 16 this year, you have undoubtedly thought of how you want to celebrate. You might even have a few goals that you hope to accomplish during this time. We have a few tips that you can consider if you haven’t done so already.

Getting those wheels

16 is a big year in terms of gaining independence. A big part of that would be getting your first set of wheels. If you are one of the lucky few your parents might be financing this for you. If not you might find yourself sharing your family car with your parents or a sibling. The point is that you can learn to drive now. If you want to be driving by your 16th birthday you should start going to a driving lessons Ryde before hand. 

Apart from driving lessons Blacktown, if you are going to buy your own car, you should also start saving up for it ahead of time. This might take a while and require you to take a few summer jobs in order to save up. A brand new car can be a very expensive investment for you so as an alternative; you can look into second hand cars that have been used well instead. You should check them out with someone you know who has a very good understanding of cars to make sure there are no major faults with your car that might pop up later.

Planning a party

Since 16 is considered a milestone year you might feel tempted to throw a big bash to celebrate. A couple of your friends might be doing the same. Instead of a party you can even do something different like going on a trip with a selected group of close friends. This way you will create more cherished memories with your closest friends.

Taking responsibility

Turning 16 Means College is just around the corner for you. This is a good time to start thinking about what colleges you might want to apply to and areas that you would like to study. You will have to start building your credentials to apply to university. Study hard and get good grades. Also try and do as many extra curricular activities to show that you are a multi faceted person with keen multi tasking skills.