Isaac Newton took an apple to the head to discover gravity. But when you are a person trying to get some shut eye before work or school the next day, and you hear the ever annoying, scuttling noise above you, you shouldn’t call the ghost busters or any Pest Terminator squads. There are somethings you can roll up your sleeves and do by yourself.

Of all the rodent scuttles, rats take the prize for being the most troublesome, from eating your food to eating your furniture. But this is all going to be but a distant memory. Like all pests, the rat too builds a nest. Once you find it, it’s a walk in the park from there on. To find it however can be a challenge. These tiny rodents are intelligent which is mainly the reason behind why experiments use rats as their subjects. Hence, to finds it’s’ nest you will have to smoke it out and sadly let him go. Bait them and follow them back to the nest with caution. Not only are rats troublesome, they are also highly infectious and carry a lot of diseases fatal to man.

Once the nest has been found your job is easy. If you want to go full terminator I recommend using a rat poison which is the most guaranteed of termination methods. It’s only flaw being to find the dying or already dead rat within the confinements of your home. We don’t want dead rats that will give a foul stench lying somewhere in the house. The other method is friendlier and uses sticky traps or a regular rat trap which has a cage and bait. Then you can make it a pet, given that you have visited the vet and concluded that it’s safe to have him around and have the necessary vaccinations done. It may sound easy, but rat control Liverpool is a true nightmare.

If you happen to be living in a house with anything made of wood, you should have been visited by termites. And unlike other guests at your home, this insect will not leave until it watches your house stripped of wood. Getting rid of them is quite the same; bait and poison. The baits are technically traps. Which lure the termite from their post, to the trap which contain wood for them to chew on. Once trapped you can seal the containment so they all perish. These traps can be found in various Termite Control stores. The other method is to spray insecticide. This is not the preferred method, due to the fact that it’s very harmful to the human body. However, the latter method is more successful in terminating the perturbing termites. It may not be everyone’s type of Do-It-Yourself. But it’s much less tedious than calling Pest Terminators to handle the job for you. It’s straightforward and simple. All it requires is a handful of courage and you are pest free.