piano restorations Sydney

Many piano owners must decide whether to maintain an antique or family heirloom piano in its current condition or to restore it to its previous splendour. Many clients come to us for advice on how to make their old piano appear like new, and we are happy to discuss the process from start to finish with them.

We have created a list of most vital, yet frequently overlooked, factors to discuss with our clients during the research phase:

  1. Cheaper than purchasing a new one

Many individuals do not realize that restoring a priceless antique piano is a much more cost-effective option than purchasing a brand-new piano of comparable quality. Steinway & Sons pianos, for instance, are among the last of their kind to be manufactured by hand in the modern era. The thorough restoration of a Steinway piano is a much more cost-effective option for consumers who already own an antique Steinway than purchasing a new piano.

  1. Increases the life of your piano

When a piano is restored to near-new condition, it can have anywhere from 50 and 70 extra years of life. A piano's "life" is measured by how well it retains its original sound and by the condition of its internal and external parts, all of which affect its playability. Although the longevity of a piano depends on how often it is played, preserving a costly, handmade piano for another 50-70 years is an excellent investment. Furthermore, a brand-new piano loses value just like a brand-new car. There is a longer resale value for a piano that has been restored rather than bought as new.

  1. Every piano can’t be restored

When deciding whether or not to restore your piano, it is crucial to understand the distinction between a handcrafted and mass-produced instrument. We've put together some blog posts to assist you figure out whether or not it's worth it to restore your piano, depending on the brand.

  1. Restoration time for very piano is different

Restoration times vary from piano to piano due to the unique nature of each instrument.

  1. Can be refinished

When it comes to the refinishing phase of piano restorations Sydney, many individuals are unaware that they have a wide range of options for finishes and bespoke stains to choose from.

  1. Determining the piano’s origin, use, and location is necessary for restoration

Wear and tear, broken or decaying parts, and a piano's overall sound quality can all diminish over time. Lifespan is directly proportional to the method of piano production; naturally, a handcrafted instrument will outlive its factory-made counterpart. However, a piano's condition and lifetime are also affected by factors such as its environment and how it is played. Students in a studio will put a lot more wear and tear on a piano than visitors to a foyer would on a piano that sits there unplayed most of the time. To determine which, if any, of a piano's parts need to be replaced during a restoration consultation, it is helpful to know the instrument's backstory. Depending on the piano and the buyer, restoration might take a variety of different approaches.

People often do not realise that if they are about to make a huge financial investment such as purchasing a house of a property, then the most crucial aspect is to conduct proper inspection. There have been far too many people who have neglected property inspection and have come to regret their decision of making the huge investment. There are many lands that do not look like they contain any faults from afar, however, once a professional lays their eyes on them, they can easily determine if there are any sort of problems with it such as contaminations of pest infestations. Mostly, the biggest issue is the fact that people only think of the former. Contaminated land testing is common, but when it comes to pest inspection, not many people pay too much heed to it.

Getting a property inspected for any signs of pest infestations is just as important as soil contamination testing. It can make you avoid a lot of long-term hassle, especially if the property you are purchasing is about to be used for agricultural purposes. The last thing you would want on an agricultural property is contamination, because it can cost you a lot of time, effort as well as money. So, if you want to avoid such a scenario, then here is how pest inspection can help you.

Get Accurate Results

People often consider hiring experts for pest inspection something that may not be deemed as a necessity. You are probably thinking that you could inspect the property on your own and easily figure out if there are any problems with it. However, it is not that simple and if you want to determine any potential issues with a property and get accurate results, then you need the right tools along with knowledge and experience for it. So, it would be much better that if you are considering to get the property tested for pest related problems, then it is better done by experts because at least the results they would provide are going to be accurate.

Easy Negotiations

You might wonder if pest inspection is really important if you should pay someone for it. Well, the answer to that is getting the property inspected for pest related issues can actually help you save serious cash. Even if you are ready to settle down by purchasing the pest infested property, you can actually open a room for negotiations if you figure out prior to the purchase that it has pest related issues.

This is why if you want to use a certain land for agricultural purposes, or even residential purposes then it is better to get pest inspection done. It can help you avoid hygiene related problems along with save your time and money from dealing with the same issue in the future.

Renting one’s property is a very successful method of making an income but it has its risks like any other business. The common risks faced by landlords are usually associated to the tenants. Landlords are capable of earning high incomes because they are free to work another job at the same time. Land lording can be very successful if a person is capable of attracting customers and selecting a responsible tenant to rent his property to. If you have a property and wish to make an income here are some helpful tips to ensure success as a landlord.


Successful landlords have a reliable network of professionals on whom they can depend on such as an emergency locksmith Mawson Lakes. Knowing the right people for the job can help the landlord not only satisfy their tenants but also ensure quality services. Qualified professionals can also help reduce costs and the need for regular repairs. Having reliable contacts will allow the landlord to make quick changes to the property whenever needed. This helps attract the best tenants to the property.


Like any other business, landlords are required to invest in the property in order to earn a profit. Therefore regular renovations, maintenance and repairs are necessary. A successful landlord is capable of identifying the places in his property which when renovated will allow him to earn a higher income. Spending on insignificant renovations is an unnecessary cost. Renovations to improve the curb appeal, kitchen and bathrooms are extremely effective because many tenants will notice such areas in a home. Landlords may also require the services of a mobile locksmiths in Adelaide for security purposes before renting the home. A good investment is extremely beneficial because of the large profits the landlord will be capable of earning.

Tenant Screening

Landlords must always meet with the tenant and discuss important matters. Such meetings are necessary because the landlord will be able to understand the tenant and make his final decision. Asking the right questions will allow the landlord to figure out if the tenant will use his home responsibly and make his payments on time. Landlords must also check all the information of the tenant. Ask for references of previous landlords as well.


Remember to always make a copy of all the important documents before renting your property. The use of technological means are more reliable and secure. Online payments is definitely preferable. Landlords must be well aware of all the legal rules and regulations before renting his property. This will reduce the chances of any problems in the future with the law or even the tenant.

The garden area sitting directly in front of your home gets noticed by a lot of people, especially any visitors who decide to come to pay you a visit. For this reason, it is worth taking some time to make your garden more attractive, since that is going to pay off quite well in terms of improving your home’s aesthetics to make it more presentable. There are various ways in which you can about improving your garden and surrounding outdoor spaces. Consider the following if you want to have an easier time overall: they are quite easy to implement and won’t cost you a lot of money either:

Select the Right Plants – Adding greenery to your garden should be done only after a careful consideration. You don’t want to turn your garden into a mess or even a mini-forest of sorts. Bushes and shrubs need to be cut down on a regular basis, so adding more plants will make that job more difficult. Go for a proper balance of empty areas and plant density to have the best of both worlds and avoid any possible disadvantages.

Adding Props and Furniture – Outdoor spaces can be decorated quite nicely with an assortment of specially crafted Rope outdoor furniture, while decorative props can go a long way in making your living spaces much more presentable. When buying new furniture, consider things like the quality of the products, supplier reputation and price. Don’t blow your whole budget into a set of furniture if you need to make other upgrades. In that case, settle down for a less expensive set, since that allows you to do more for your garden in the way of increasing visual appeal.

Space Areas Accordingly – Most of the time, spacing the various outdoor areas according to their use case can have beneficial results. It provides a clean and organized look to your garden, which also makes things like cleaning and maintenance work easier to conduct. It also provides enough highlight for all the new additions that you made to your garden, including your brand new, shiny set of outdoor patio furniture you bought one week ago.

Make Use of Decent Lighting Fixtures – Proper lighting allows your outdoor space to be used even during the night-time without problems. This can be important for those looking to have some fun and relaxation during long summer days when staying outside with your friends and family to catch a breath of fresh air is preferred to remaining cooped inside your living room watching the same old boring show on television.

If you’re a home owner, you’re definitely passionate about keeping your household clean and tidy at all times and aside from clean and tidy, you also must be passionate about keeping the house looking trendy and stylish at all times. Home décor is such an important part of how a house looks and home décor should be taken more seriously if you want your house to be a space that is beautifully decorated and maintained. Home décor add character and details to a household and those are two factors that are very important for a home. The right information on how you can give your home a makeover can definitely help ou transform your space. If you’re somebody who is looking for home décor ideas that can help you transform and change the look of your home, the ideas and tips that are mentioned below will definitely be of very good use so use them wisely.

Second Hand

If you’re somebody who has ever gone furniture shopping, you know how a simple magnetic notice board or stool will cost you so it is always better to buy second hand rather than spend all of your savings on two or three items. Shopping second hand is also very god for the environment. You can find anything from a frames to toys and paintings at your local thrifts store so start looking around.

Good Lighting

Good lighting can do wonders for the look of a home so if your household is always looking dull and the curtains are closed, let the natural sunlight flow into your home and let the air penetrate your home by opening up your curtains and windows. By doing so, you will notice a huge change in the look of your home. If you’re somebody who is in the process of building any properties, we highly recommend using windows to your advantage and adding lots of windows to your household. When you have windows, you will never have a room without any light and looking dull so be sure to include lots of windows in the plan to brighten up rooms. If you have a house that does not have a lot of windows and you are not up for installing more windows, we suggest getting some light fixtures installed and including more lights into your home. Home décor is an essential part of making a home look good and the tips that we have mentioned above will definitely help you in your quest to decorating your home and making it look stylish and trendy.

We all think that it would be great to work at a retail company. That is because employees tend to receive a generous discount. But that does not mean that this industry sees employees working in companies for a long time. Instead many tend to move on to bigger and better jobs. Thus, it is a constant struggle to find and hire the best. However, while it may be a struggle it is in no way an impossible task.

Don’t Rely Only On Experience

We know that many employers want to hire those with some experience. Even if these individuals only have experience with hospitality pos systems they would be willing to hire them. But we would never advise one to rely solely on experience. That is because if someone has worked in this industry earlier they would have their own habits and work ethics. This would be something that would be near impossible to change. Thus, that is why we would recommend you to opt to hire newcomers. That is because, in the long run, it would be easier for you to train them. Furthermore, you can teach them the habits and the work ethics that you want. But remember that there is one skill that you need to be on the lookout for. This would be their people skills. That is because the main part of this job would involve dealing with people. Therefore if you hire such people this would definitely make for smooth sailing.

Don’t Hire Past Employees Of Your Competitors

It is true that your competitor uses the same awesome point of sale systems. Therefore you think that by hiring their past employees you would get people with both experience and training. But remember that different companies offer varying degrees of training to their employees. Therefore they would not be trained to work for your company. Furthermore, determine whether these employees were fired or whether they resigned. That is because if they fired there must have a been a good reason for this decision. Thus, that is why we would never advise you to hire past employees of your competitors.

Watch Them Inside The Store

We know that you normally hold interviews with these applicants in your office. This is the norm. But if you do hire them they would not work in a desk job. Instead, they would be in the middle of the action. Thus, that is why you should consider holding the interview whilst walking around the store. This way you can determine how they react to various situations.Thus, in this way you can easily hire the best there is.

Does your company require a janitorial team who will ensure that the office space is kept clean and tidy? Maybe you had to let go of the staffs that were cleaning the office due to unavoidable circumstances. Having a spotless working space is important because if your organisation deals with customers and other stakeholders’ every day and they walk into office, it has to be a pleasant area where they will not feel repulsed. The advantages of having this little janitorial team may differ based on the quality of the work they do and the fee that must be paid. If you are looking for cleaning services Melbourne for your organisation, then you will need to ensure that a few factors that needs to be considered:

Online reviews

With the fast-paced world of Internet, every service and product now get a review. You will surely find reviews about the services provided and therefore you can confirm the authenticity of the organisation. If there is a website available, then you can conduct some research to verify if the required certification has been obtained from the health and safety department. You can check if the business has been registered legally to avoid any unwanted surprises. Always compare the cleaning companies to see which one is worth the money that you want to pay for.


Once you shortlist a few potential service providers, then you can request to get a list of references so that you can speak to these organisations and obtain feedback about the cleaning services received and if they are happy. If the referee has a few photographs taken when the service was complete, this will help you judge the end result with proof and whether it is up to the same standard that your organisation is looking for.

A quotation

Never jump into a conclusion about the service and confirm without obtaining a quotation. You can allow them to visit your building and provide a quotation based on the space. A list of all the services should be provided in the quotation so that you can compare the inclusions very carefully before making the final decision. Ensure that the most important services such as vacuuming, mopping, sanitizing, dusting and other services which is linked to cleaning is included. If you can negotiate a rate with an organisation for the inclusions you need, this will be in your advantage.


The company that you higher the janitorial staff from should be insured because accidents can happen due to wet floors. All staff hired should be insured and the organisation hiring them should not be liable to the staff.

Before you sign the contract, you need to read the agreement very carefully and know the contents of it. The cleanliness of the work place will help boost the performance of the workers and therefore, the performance of the company.

are you planning on rewiring your apartment? Or do you want to redo your flooring or gutter? Whether you are focused on a residential building or a commercial one, you will have to hire an experienced service provider to take care of these tasks. There are heaps of videos and online guide available that explain how to carry out these simple tasks as DIY projects but if you want a better and a more professional approach or if you are too busy to get things done by yourself, you will definitely have to hire an experienced handyman. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Most people don’t understand how to find the right guy or why it is absolutely necessary to find well-reputed professional service providers for these project.

When you are hiring a service provider, you will be giving them certain permissions and they will provide a service for a fixed amount of money. If you don’t hire the right person, you will not be able to rely on their services and the results will not worth your money. That is why you should always focus on your needs before looking for a professional. For example, if you think something is wrong with your domestic wiring, try to assess the damage before you hire an electrician. Because different requirements will need different professionals and not everyone will be well-equipped to handle every single issue.Once you are clear about your requirements, you can look at your options. This is where most people make mistakes and opt for cheaper and unwise options. When you are looking for a handyman, you will find too many decent options and it is fairly common for most people to get a bit overwhelmed. It is important to take your time and go through a few options before you jump to conclusions because making sudden decisions most likely make your money go on vain.

If you are looking for someone to help with residential needs, you will find it quite easier to find professionals but when it comes to industries, finding experienced handymen will not be that easy. For instance, if you want a commercial electrician Baulkham Hills, you will have to carry out a proper research to identify the right service providers.Before you start spending money, you should always talk to your friends or neighbours to know their recommendations and ideas. They will have different options of if they have hired someone before, you can hire them with an extra layer of reliability, of course.

Moving is a taxing process on both the mind and the body. There is a lot to do, but not enough time, money or energy to do it almost always. This is why it is important to carefully plan and avoid costly mistakes during this delicate period of time. Below are three important mistakes you should avoid when moving:

  • Trying to do everything by yourself – the number one mistake you need to avoid when it comes to relocation and moving the goods to your new home is doing everything by yourself. At best, it will stress you out to no end, and at worst, you will find it impossible to achieve within the timeframe you set upon yourself. Instead of toiling away – when you could spend that time paying attention to the finer details of moving into your new home – ask for help when you obviously need it: contact a professional removals company. If you are not convinced, simply ask from relatives and acquaintances who have moved in the past; they will most likely advice you from handling it all by yourself.
  • Pack orderly, and in time – do not underestimate the effort that needs to be put into packing, unless you want to find yourself still stuffing goods into the boxes as the furniture removalists Springfield show up at your doorstep. You most likely did not decide to relocate in a hurry, so use the time interval to pack everything gradually. Start with the items that you will most likely not be using often (and which can be left in the boxes whilst you spend the remaining time at your old home), and gradually work your way to the more important belongings. Whilst doing so, pay attention and label everything – it won’t be fun guessing what is in each box when you will need to find something once you moved in. Starting months in advance will ensure that you will do everything properly – and will also give you plenty of time to procrastinate.
  • Clean up the house – before you get to the packing, it would be a good idea to first clean your old home thoroughly. This is not only because it will help you with selling the property afterwards (if you are planning to), but also because it will give you insight into what you actually will need and what you won’t once you relocate. Being able to throw, sell or donate the things you won’t need right at the start removes the unnecessary time spent packing them, and the unnecessary expenses to transport them.

Do you want to sell your home for the price you decide? The below tips will help you with that…

Work with a competent real estate agent

This is one of the most important tips that we have to offer to you. Unless you work with a competent, well reputed real estate agent, chances are that you will find yourself either stuck with selling your home for a lower price that you intend to sell it for; or not be able to sell your home at all. This is especially true if your home isn’t situated in a well recognized or popular area. Try to find an agent that someone you trust has already worked with. Along with the talent, they also need to be willing to help you find the best buyers.

Groom your home a bit

Make use of the existing resources that you have at hand. See to your end of lease cleaning Footscray, and give your furniture a good vacuum (if you plan on selling the house with the furniture). Groom the front garden, as this will be the first thing they will see when they approach your home; and first impressions generally set the mood. In most cases, potential buyer would have made up half their decision regarding your home before they even entered your home. so make sure they have a very good first impression to you home if you intend to sell it on your terms.

Put in a little extra glamour

We are pretty sure you have heard of professional carpet cleaning in Essendon; where you’d clean up and clear up your home before you hand your home back to its owner so you get back your bond money entirely. This is not necessary if you own the house you plan on selling. However, if you have the funds and the time, consider giving your home a slight makeover before putting it up for sale. Basic things like a fresh coat of color of the walls, or fixing the broken gate, or replacing the toilet seats or bathroom taps can all add to the value of your home. Remember, no one wants to spend a fortune on buying a house, and then spend weeks fixing it up…

Make your potential buyers feel at home

The aim that you should have when opening up your home for the viewing of potential buyers, is to try to help them visualize living in your home. Rather than a cold and well cleaned up home, try to present a home that feels homey. Have something baking in the oven, in order to make that smell of baking food spread around your home. Clean up the windows, and throw it open; allowing the sunlight in. Not only will it help you invite the natural light in, it also makes your home more inviting in general.

Isaac Newton took an apple to the head to discover gravity. But when you are a person trying to get some shut eye before work or school the next day, and you hear the ever annoying, scuttling noise above you, you shouldn’t call the ghost busters or any Pest Terminator squads. There are somethings you can roll up your sleeves and do by yourself.

Of all the rodent scuttles, rats take the prize for being the most troublesome, from eating your food to eating your furniture. But this is all going to be but a distant memory. Like all pests, the rat too builds a nest. Once you find it, it’s a walk in the park from there on. To find it however can be a challenge. These tiny rodents are intelligent which is mainly the reason behind why experiments use rats as their subjects. Hence, to finds it’s’ nest you will have to smoke it out and sadly let him go. Bait them and follow them back to the nest with caution. Not only are rats troublesome, they are also highly infectious and carry a lot of diseases fatal to man.

Once the nest has been found your job is easy. If you want to go full terminator I recommend using a rat poison which is the most guaranteed of termination methods. It’s only flaw being to find the dying or already dead rat within the confinements of your home. We don’t want dead rats that will give a foul stench lying somewhere in the house. The other method is friendlier and uses sticky traps or a regular rat trap which has a cage and bait. Then you can make it a pet, given that you have visited the vet and concluded that it’s safe to have him around and have the necessary vaccinations done. It may sound easy, but rat control Liverpool is a true nightmare.

If you happen to be living in a house with anything made of wood, you should have been visited by termites. And unlike other guests at your home, this insect will not leave until it watches your house stripped of wood. Getting rid of them is quite the same; bait and poison. The baits are technically traps. Which lure the termite from their post, to the trap which contain wood for them to chew on. Once trapped you can seal the containment so they all perish. These traps can be found in various Termite Control stores. The other method is to spray insecticide. This is not the preferred method, due to the fact that it’s very harmful to the human body. However, the latter method is more successful in terminating the perturbing termites. It may not be everyone’s type of Do-It-Yourself. But it’s much less tedious than calling Pest Terminators to handle the job for you. It’s straightforward and simple. All it requires is a handful of courage and you are pest free.

As an entrepreneur, there really just one thing it all boils down to: efficiency. You do not necessarily have to running a large-scale operation to care about it either. Every business thrives and succeeds at every stage of its life if efficiency is paid attention to. After all, that is what everything else rides on. In order to get that right, you need to look deeper into your logistics. Is everything smooth? Can it be improved? What can you change in the current setup? Well, one of the key areas you can make a major difference in is your shipping services. How? Find out right here.


A company should train its staff in every department well. Your staff who work with shipments, should know the ins and outs of their job thoroughly. Even if you have just one or two employees, it is important to instill this culture from the start. They should know inventory status and any changes to pricing at any given time. If you need to get an extra shipping container here, they should consider important aspects like reliability and price. If you staff does not know what is going on, how can your processes possibly be efficient?


When it comes to shipping, the weight and dimensions of your packages are critical to the costing side of things. Which is why you should invest in the concept of consistent packaging. Instead of running about looking for packaging options every single time you have to send a shipment out, decide on one standard type of packaging for different products. Then, stock up and keep them ready so when orders come in, you will be able to quickly attend to them, racking up positive points for your company. Today’s customer is all about customer service and this is a great way to address that.


Not that you have to do every single thing they do, but you do need to measure yourself regularly to see how you are faring in comparison. After all, customers choose brands that are good. If you have not yet gotten around to researching shipping containers for sale in Brisbane, but your competitor seems to be functioning a lot more efficiently because they already have acquired a few, consider it. That is of course provided your business is at that stage of operations. These are points of growth so you need to meet requirements accordingly or else you will fall back.


As time goes on, you will not really have time to micro-manage everything around you. Since you will be delegating, you are putting a great deal of trust in the people you hire. Which means that from time to time you should assess the situation. Things that might have been pushed back probably need a boost. Maybe you want to automate something completely and need to train your staff with the new system. Whatever it is, keep up with the company by consistently analysing its performance overall, not just by the profits it brings in.